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UmojaPhone brings to you International Mobile Top-ups

UmojaPhone Official International Mobile Top up ( View TopUp Rate here)

UmojaPhone provides International mobile top-up service in which customers can purchase mobile time and send it to friends and family, to use on their prepaid mobile phone, in other countries, safely and easily.

This service is available only to UmojaPhone customers. As an existing UmojaPhone customer, you can use this service by logging into your customer portal and do mobile top-up transactions from within your portal. Just keep in mind that mobile top-up recharges are prepaid transactions (purchase airtime online)hence do not use the balance from your UmojaPhone account.

With the International Mobile Top up solution, you can now purchase by US dollars ($) mobile time (air time in local currency) and send it to friends and family directly and instantly, which can be used on their prepaid mobile phone.

How it works

Customers can top up international phone numbers associated with prepaid mobile accounts in the supported countries.Customer purchases air-time through online portal the same way would buy credit.Air time or funds will be added to receiver’s mobile phone instantly and a text message is sent to both sender and receiver.

How to use International Mobile Top- up

You can top-up the phone of a friend or family member in another country in few easy steps:

    1. Login into your UmojaPhone account or online portal then click International Recharge
    2. Enter your payment information as needed
    3. Select the Country of recipient, Carrier, and the Amount
    4. Enter the Phone Number to be Recharged(*) starting with +country code, then enter the Your Own Phone Number starting with +country code
    5. Click Recharge; funds are added to the mobile phone instantly and both recipient and sender arealerted via text message of top-up success and the amount sent or received

You can check the official UmojaPhone International Mobile top-up rates through this link. Be aware that rates are subject to change as determined by our suppliers at any time.



Is International Mobile Top-up Safe?

Yes, this service is safe because the payment system being used is the same system used for buying UmojaPhone credits.

How do I know my transaction was successful?

You will know instantly when your transaction has been completed right from the recharge screen where you can print a receipt, after a minute or so you will receive a text message on your phone containing your payment details including the amount you sent; also the receiver receives a text message indicating how much has been received from your phone number.

Can I track all my International Recharges?

Yes, you can see all your international recharges by clicking International Recharge Report, where you can specify date range then click Show to see all your transactions.

Does it cost extra fees when using International Mobile Top-up?

No, you will only be charged the same amount you selected from Amount menu, nothing else.

Is International Mobile Top-up service available for all countries?

This service is available for more than 200 countries worldwide, but from each supported country not all local mobile operators (Carriers) are available. Countries and Carriers are added as per need basis. If the country you are interested is not listed let us know through or check Contact-Us page. UmojaPhone is working hard to expand this service, in some cases a country or carrier can be added in a matter of hours or days.

For more details contact us at or 1-888-438-0544

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