Frequently Asked Questions

Check the questions and answers below. UmojaPhone is happy to help you 24/7 send an email to

1. Who is operates as an online prepaid estore phone service offering the highest call quality service , maximum convenience and most economical calling rates in the market.

2. How is it Easy to use?

It only requires signing-up for an account, registration of the phone(s) you will use to make the calls for pinless dialing then get connected:

Buy the credit you require.
Make calls to your destinations via the local access numbers provided or using local number dialing (DID Forwarding) where available, or use Software we provide.
Here are the steps to make calls:

1. Pick one of the access numbers from (or request a software)

2. Call the access number you have picked

3. Listen to your balance then enter a number you want to call. Example 255754000001 (DO NOT start with “+” or “00”)

4. Enjoy your cheap international calls to all destinations in the world.

Subsequently you will simply pay for the calling time in advance and reduce the prepaid balance as you make calls which you can recharge-over-the phone or setup auto-recharge from your account profile.

3. Do I have to create an account?

Yes you need to have an account in order to use service. By opening a free account with you will have access to many features including:

Access to your account Profile where you can make changes
Payment History to see exactly when you paid for credits
Call Records (Usage History) to see exactly how you are speding your minutes
Access to your pinless dialing service
Speed Dial for only 2-digit dialing
Claim Bonus
See your Available Balance
Local Number Dailing(DID Forwarding); call international number like a local number, etc.

4. PINLESS Dialing! How does it work?

No PIN to remember! When you sign up, you register your phone number with us. It can be your cell phone, work phone or home phone. Dial to our service on any of our access numbers on a registered phone and you don’t have to enter a hard-to-remember PIN! In addition our service provides you with an easy to use speed-dial feature. Here are steps on how to set ip up:

Login into your UmojaPhone Account
From the Navigation menu click Pinless Access
Under the Telephone Number (*) enter your phone number you registered with us starting with a country code e.g. for US numbers its ten digit numbers (
Click Add
Repeat to add other numbers you call from starting with country code, could be your land line, your family member number from anywhere in the world where UmojaPhone is available you want to share the same account.

5. Can I call from different phones?

To place a call from any registered phone refer to the above PINLESS dialing instructions. Yes you can use a different or un registered phone, you just need to login and get your PIN from Account Summary and put in when prompted after you dial the local Access number.

6. How long does it take to open an account?

Your account is opened immediately following registration. You will receive and email about your registration while your account is being reviewed and activated. You can buy credit while your account is inactive being processed for activation. Once the account is activated, you will receive a confirmation email with further instructions on how to use services. If your account is not accepted and you already paid, your card won’t be charged.

7. How many accounts can I create?

Your need to create only one account with your valid working email address, this is the way our systems identifies your account not by your phone number you register. Make sure you use your working email address as this is the primary contact with UmojaPhone. Please note, when you register don’t use this is not your valid email address.

8. How can I pay?

You can buy credits to be able to make International and long distace calls through UmojaPhone either by using credit/debit, preloaded debit/gift cards from all major providers such as Visa, Master, American Express or you can use PayPal if you have PayPal account. Any time you make a payment we will send you a payment receipt by email. Here are simple steps to buy credits:

Making payment from your account

Just login into your account and click Make Paymen from Navigation menu, then enter all details then you can keep the default Authorize.NET for all cards payment or click the down arraw to choose Paypay.
Recharge-Over-the Phone

In case your credit balance runs low while you are talking or just want to add more credits to your account, here is how to do it.

• First make sure you are using the phone you registered with UmojaPhone and it’s listed under Pinless Access; otherwise be sure to supply your PIN # when asked, also note that the credit card billing address has to match with what you have on your profile.

• From your phone just dial your access # then hit star (*), then hit 4.

• Listen and follow the simple instructions to complete your transaction.


You can now setup your UmojaPhone account to automatically charge your credit/debit card if your balance is running low to avoid service interruptions when you need the most. Here are the simple steps on how to set it up.

• Login into your UmojaPhone account, then under Navigation menu click Profile.

• Review your information to make sure everything is correct

• Make sure Save my credit card is check marked

• Select the credit/debit card type from the drop down list

• Put in credit/debit card details as it appears from your card

• On Automatic Recharger make the necessary changes depending with your need

• Make sure Automatically recharge my credit card is checked

• Select the amount you want to recharge

• Select the amount of lowest balance to trigger auto-recharge on When my balance goes below

To complete click Update Info button.

9. Can I pay for my credit with a non-USD cards?

Unfortunately no, currently UmojaPhone only accept payments in US($) dollars from credit/debit cards or PayPal account. However, credit/debit cards can be issued anywhere in the world not only USA issued cards

10. Is it secure to purchase online?

Yes, it is secure to purchase credits online because UmojaPhone uses industry standard payment gateways in which all transactions are encrypted and we never share our customer credit card information with any other companies other than payment gateways.

11. What Credit Cards accepted?

UmojaPhone accespts all major credit, debit, preloaded debit/gift cards, and PayPal.

12. My credit/debit card payment failed

If you are experiencing problems making the payments, contact as at then we will help you as soon as possible

13. Are there any extra charges?

No, absolutely no any extra charges, no connection fees, no hidden costs, no credit expiry, UmojaPhone only charges the air time you talk and you can check your minutes usage and charges from your account’s Usage History

14. Can I get my calling history?

Yes, you can get your calling history including the rates on how you were charged per minute and per call by logging into your account then go to Usage History from Navigation menu

15. Calling to a cell phone?

Yes, with UmojaPhone you can call to any number, could be a cell phone, home phone, office phone, etc. also you can use our software installed into your computer connected to the Internet to call directly to those phones, and if for some reasons our software doesn’t work you can use UmojaPhone through Skype, you will only be charged with UmojaPhone rates not Skype rates.

16. How does Local Number Dialing Works

With Local Number Dialing (DID Forwarding), you can call directly from your phone’s address book without going through local access numbers, it’s just one hit and you are connected! Call international number like a local number.

Here are the steps on how to set it up:

1. Login into your UmojaPhone Account

2. Make sure Home Service is selected from the gray pull down list under Navigation

3. From the list of Navigation items click DID Forwarding

4. From the DID Forwarding Details menu then click on [Select Number] to choose the Local Number

5. Under Name: Type the name you want to assign this local number

6. Under Phone Number: Enter the number for the name you entered in 5 only starting with country code no ‘011’, ‘00’. e.g. 255xxxxxxxxx

7. Click Add to add the new number into your list of DID Forwardig

8. Repeat from 4 to add other numbers you want to call directly

You can then add these numbers into your phone address book where you can call directly from the address book.

17. How does Speed Dial Works

With Speed Dial, you can make calls from your phone through local access number by just hitting the address book entry then the speed dial number without remembering the speed dial number or local access number, here is how to set it up:

1. Go to Speed Dial menu and add phone numbers for people you call them more often.

2. Speed Dial number: Enter (two digit number starting from 10): e.g. 11

3. Name: Enter the name of a person to call: e.g.John

4. Phone number: Enter John’s phone number starting with country code no +, e.g. 255xxxxxxxxx

5. Then click Add.

You can then add this into your address book using the local access number as the phone number and 11John as name, this makes it easy to see 11 is for John, no need to remember it.